Too Close For Comfort

UPDATES (16 October 2020):

1. After I reported about the issue of the dangerous dog, my family and I have never had any more problems with it. The neighbour started keeping it in the fenced back-yard.

2. This particular neighbour – the one with the dog – had his house directly opposite mine at the end of the cul-de-sac. He moved out of the house a week ago. He, however, moved into another house on the same street.

Between his new address and my house, there is one vacant lot, and one other house. Therefore, he is still technically a neighbour.

3. I have since confirmed that he is a Mossad Robot. It is not something that he tries to hide. In fact, he once deliberately did something that he knew will make me know that he is working for Mossad, and he is living in my neighbourhood because of me.

A Very Strange World: This Mossad Robot who is my neighbour, obviously gets paid for his work of keeping a close eye on me, and eavesdropping on me. Actually, he doesn’t do any other work (apart from the underground work he does for Mossad).

He usually kills time by playing basketball, alone, in his front yard (he has a basketball board/net in his front yard).

It is bizarre knowing someone has been set up in your neighbourhood by people who want you dead.

My opinion of this guy is that he is naturally lazy, doesn’t have good education, and was probably depending on Welfare payments before Mossad hired him. He has probably never held a regular job all his life.

He is the archetypical indolent. Therefore, when Mossad approached him with a “job offer” where he just needed to observe what his neighbour was up to, he jumped at the opportunity.

How much does Mossad pay him for his ‘troubles’? I would guess something like $ 5,000 per week.

Therefore, if I were to relocate to another city, it would be like taking the bread out of his mouth.

Very strange world indeed.

Anyway, despite this guy’s presence, I like my new address.



Mossad – the Israeli spy agency – believes it is their right to always have one of their agents or associates as my next-door neighbour.

Like I have stated many times before, Mossad agents are good. Very good. They are so careful and thorough in their activities such that I can suspect, or know they have planted their associate right next door, but I cannot report it because I have zero proof.

Knowing or suspecting about a technically illegal activity, and having proof, are two entirely different things.

Several years ago, I moved to a new house. My next door neighbour was a lady who lived alone. I believe she owned her home. She was a good neighbour, as far as I could tell.

About 1 year after I moved to that house, my lady neighbour said she had bought a house in another suburb, and was moving into that new house.

She moved out, and embarked on major renovations in her old home. She said that she intended to later sell the house.

When the renovations were done, and before she could sell the house, she said that her brother was having housing/money problems, and she would let him live in the house for about 6 months, as he put his life back on track.

The brother moved into the house. (Note: I have no evidence that he was actually her brother, though I had no reason to doubt. In any case, it did not matter whether he was her brother or not).

The brother (or so-called brother) acted very differently from the sister. While the sister was well-organised, he was chaotic. While his sister was calm and collected, he was loud and obnoxious.

But he always acted friendly towards me. We never argued, in part because I hate quarrels. For instance, on multiple occasions, I noticed what looked like part-smoked marijuana sticks outside my garage.

It was obvious who had dropped the sticks there. However, I never, ever asked him about it. I always ignored the matter.

Also, on very many occasions, he, or his “partner” (who visited, but did not live in the house), would park their cars in such a manner that they were blocking my driveway. I would always manoeuvre my car to and fro, till I managed to drive past their cars, instead of knocking on his door and requesting him to move his car (Actually, I believe this is what they wanted me to do, every time they blocked my drive-way).

They also had a habit of quarrelling frequently, and the lady would leave in a huff, jump into her car and speed away in a manner that appeared to be extremely careless. The neighbour would then rush out of the house, and start cursing his partner loudly (yet the partner would be long gone).

While standing outside his house, he would loudly use choice curse words at his partner (who would be long gone). He would say things like: “Get out of my life, you ****!…”

Personally, from my experience with a very powerful foreign spy agency, I do not take things at face value.

For instance, I noticed that, although the neighbour’s partner always drove out “carelessly” at high speed whenever they quarrelled, I never saw any dents on her car. I thought that was quite odd.

In any case, after quarrelling loudly and vowing never to ever associate with her, the neighbour and the girlfriend would be back together in a matter of days.

I thought they were merely acting.

On several occasions, I suspected the neighbour and the partner were trying to force/trick me to cause a car accident. Luckily, I was always very cautious and didn’t cause any accident with either of their cars, or any other car (Actually, since I arrived in Australia, I have never caused even 1 car accident. I have been involved in 3 minor accidents, and in each case, someone had hit my car from behind. In one case, it was done deliberately, as seen here, here & here).

Anyway, as time went by, I started becoming suspicious of the brother. After about 3 months, I became convinced he was working for Mossad, as an unknowing associate.

What I mean by unknowing Mossad associate: These are ordinary people, who are not Mossad agents, but work for Mossad without knowing they are working for Mossad (and here).

The brother did a lot of work under the radar to sabotage and inconvenience me. However, I couldn’t do anything about it because, as expected, I did not have any actionable evidence.

A few months ago, I moved to a new address. This meant that I had now created enough distance between me and the neighbour, who was an unknowing Mossad associate.

I like this new home much more than the previous one because it is on a cul-de-sac, and it is also the last house on the street. Therefore, it is difficult for shadowy characters to snoop around without creating suspicion.

Mossad Must Have House By All Means Necessary

All was good in this new home. However, about a week after moving in, I was awoken by my neighbour from across the street fighting with his girlfriend/partner. They were quarrelling loudly, shouting insults, shoving each other…their fight had moved to the street.

Later, the police arrived.

The pattern would be repeated about twice a week. They would fight and quarrel loudly, take the fight to the street, police would show up. Very bizarre.

After one of their fights, the police came. The lady was wailing loudly, saying that her boyfriend/partner had hit her, and she wanted him arrested. The boyfriend was arrested, and the lady went away to wherever.

Apparently, the boyfriend was renting the place alone, and the lady was his visitor. Therefore, if he is arrested for assaulting her, then she has to leave his rented house…

Later in the afternoon, he was back (maybe after posting bail). Next morning, the girlfriend visited him. This time, the boyfriend didn’t want anything to do with her. (I could follow what was going on because the house is right across the street, they speak loudly, and it is easy to notice someone being denied entrance).

The neighbour/boyfriend was shouting “You had me arrested…”

Finally, the lady left. She came back late in the evening. Guy refused to open the door for her.

She did something I have never seen anyone else do before. She spent the night sleeping in the cold, right in front of her boyfriend’s house, while the boyfriend slept inside.

In the morning, she left. Evening, she came back. Same pattern. She slept outside, in the cold.

She slept outside her boyfriend’s house for 3 consecutive days. On the 4th day, the boyfriend allowed her inside.

They seemed to live quietly for about 4 days, then their public fights began.

I believe the owner of the house was under pressure from neighbours to kick out her tenant for anti-social behaviour.

The guy played hide and seek with his landlord for about a week. Finally, he was forcefully ejected from the home.

The guy was kicked out in the morning, and by evening, someone else was moving in. I thought that was quite odd. I would have expected several days of cleaning, repairs etc. before the house was advertised for rent.

Nothing like that happened. It was move out, move in.

That happened about 4 days ago. The new tenant has a big dog. I noticed his dog walking around our front lawn. I went outside, and this neighbour’s dog followed me closely for several minutes. It was not barking, so I was not very alarmed – though I know it is illegal for someone to have his dog out across the road on its own.

Later, the dog run from the neighbour’s front yard to our front yard, and started barking menacingly at me, right in front of our door. I quickly went inside and closed the door.

I have a child who fears big dogs after being DELIBERATELY attacked by one 6 years ago. “Coincidentally”, the dog that attacked my child 6 years ago, is the same type/breed, as the new neighbour’s dog.

If my child is menacingly attacked by this dog while leaving the house to go to school, it would mean 1 week out of school, because of the panic.

I do not believe in this type of “coincidences”.

This is what I believe has happened: My neighbour from across the street was set-up by his “girlfriend”. During their fights, it was always the girlfriend going into the street to shout and scream, waking people up.

That stunt of sleeping outside the guy’s house for 3 days, when she didn’t have to…I believe she was paid to make sure the guy was kicked out of the house – Because there were people that desperately needed to occupy that particular house.

This means Mossad now has an associate, right across the street from my home. The dog issue is just the beginning. What else is being planned?

Communications App Bypassing Spies & Eavesdroppers

After realising that very bad people were eavesdropping on my conversations, and also trying to set me up so that I would appear to be a criminal, I decided to do something about it.

7 years ago, I created a communications app that I believed would make it impossible for spies and other bad people from maliciously accessing my conversations.

I designed the app so that even I would not know who was communicating with who, if they did their communications via the app. Once someone downloaded the app, you were issued with an App Number, that the app generated automatically and randomly.

This is the number the app users were keying in to communicate with another person, as long as that person had the app on their mobile device, and you knew their App Number. Each App Number was unique, of course. But the app was also designed so that, if you wanted to change your App Number, all you needed to do was uninstall it, then reinstall.

An install/reinstall automatically generated a new, random App Number. Therefore, you could change your App Number as many times as you wished, making it impossible for bad people to know your current App Number.

Therefore, if you felt someone should no longer know your App Number, or did not wish to communicate with them any more, you simply uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

A user’s phone number and other details were not collected by the app. Therefore, no one, including myself, would know who was communicating with who.

I had designed the app such that, even if some entity hacked into my server, all they would see would be random numbers and messages, nothing to indicate who was behind what number or message, unless the users wrote something that would identify them.

For such an app to serve its intended purpose, it needed to be installed by random people. So I availed it in Android stores, free of charge. An app with many active users can earn money through ads. Therefore, if it became successful, I would have added ads.

People were downloading the app, and I felt it would serve the intended purpose. But I started receiving messages that I could only interpret as threats.

When I looked critically at the threats, I had no doubt about who was behind it. I analysed the situation and decided that the app made it very easy for my detractors to set me up as a criminal.

I already knew they were trying very hard to have me be seen as a terrorist. Knowing what they had been doing to me, and the resources at their disposal, I believed that this scenario was very possible:

They would make sure the app was “invisible” to most normal visitors to the Android store, then promote it to real terrorists/terrorists’ sympathisers, child molesters etc. Then they would report that I had deliberately made that app to promote terrorism/criminal activity.

They would then use their media to highlight the story…

I deleted the app from Android stores, changed the codes so that even those who had downloaded, it wouldn’t work anymore, and decided never to make a comms app again.

I also stopped working in that industry.

If there were genuine concerns that the app could be attractive to evil people, I would have made the necessary changes so that it would not be misused. Apps are always getting updated to deal with emerging issues.

But what I was receiving were threats, based on malice and stereotypes.

Regarding My Mobile Apps & Games

I apologise in case anyone has ever installed my mobile apps or games and found them not as good as they expected. The reason is because I have not been able to update my games (or make any new game/app) for several years now, because of the issues discussed in this website, regarding a foreign spy agency.

Several of my apps are no longer available on any store because, as anyone involved in app development knows, apps require regular updating, else, they become unusable.

When I was making mobile games/apps (stopped about 5 years ago), I created 2 Google Play accounts (plan was for 1 to be for games, other for serious apps). Some games and one app are still available on Google Play store. I also have one app and 2 games still available at iOS App Store.

Please download one of my app/games and you might just like it! Thank you.

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